International Service – Kaksikielinen jumalanpalvelus


Tapahtumapäivä(t): 16.01.2022
Klo: 15:00


Okkerinkatu 2, Jyväskylä


Sandesh Roberts, Sheryl Robert

You are warmly welcomed to join us for an International Worship Service at the church or YouTube channel!

Olet lämpimästi tervetullut mukaan kaksikieliseen jumalanpalvelukseen YouTube-kanavallamme!

Please notice! Due to the new restrictions caused by the severe Covid-19 situation in Jyväskylä area we can now only admit 20 people to the main hall Alfred. However, there are 20 seats more available both in the Lydia Hall as well as upstairs in the East Hall, where you can follow the service via livestream.

Please, use the main door when coming to the church. The cloakroom in the lobby is not in use, instead we take our outerwear with us to the church hall.

This being the situation, we ask you to participate the service via livestream on our YouTube channel at your home, if possible. In that way, the few seats available at the church are open for those of us who cannot participate via the Internet.

New announcement (in Finnish) was published Jan 7, 2022.